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how we tackled the brief given to us

Electric Pedals


Richard and Doug at Electric pedals set up during the pandemic with a clear purpose of making the ownership of e-bikes for the masses their number one vision.

They wanted a brand that would translate from digital (their website and online marketing) into real world uses with stickers and clothing.

  • Branding Design Services


Electric Pedals need a brand ID developing that would adapt to numerous settings from digital through to printed as well as clear vision and values to support thier message. We provided them with a brand playbook illustrating how their message could be broadcast across social channels right through to the livery on the bikes themselves.

  • Brand vision and values

  • Brand identity development and design

  • Branding Playbook

Vision and values
Brand identity
Branding Playbook


The team were delighted with the finished results that “captured the energy and fun” associated with e-bikes and successfully launched in 2021.

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