Salus Approved Inspectors – Communication

Salus Approved Inspectors work with the construction industry with a ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy covering all areas of Building Control, Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Consultancy operating from ten regional offices with over 30 fully experienced surveyors and fire engineers. We are currently helping Salus develop a suite of new communication collateral to help in the [...]

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Wirral Autistic Society – Communication

T34 have been working with Wirral Autistic Society for over six years. In that time we have helped the organisation grow to a point where they are recognised as a national presence in the field of care, support and growth for individuals and families affected by autism and social communication difficulties. We have worked with [...]

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Autism In Practice Brand ID

1 individual in every 100 is affected by autism. Autism in Practice raise awareness of best practices to suit individuals with autism and will provide your team with essential skills and strategies for dealing with this condition. This new brand is targeted to appeal to public and private sector clients and our work included - [...]

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Liverpool John Moores University – Large format

Open Labs Marketing Literature Maverick LJMU Department, Open Labs invited T34 to help with their broader promotional materials across the range of services they offer. We developed site specific branding, large format print, social media branding and printed material to help them engauge with a range of stakeholders including business, academia, student groups and multi-nationials.

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Moons High Tide – Music Publishing

Moons High Tide. Returning after a long absence, singer songwriter Steve Bonham recorded a collection of songs in Ireland and asked us to produce the album cover which evoked a sense of magic and wonder as well as a striking image which would crossover into posters and flyers. Let's just say it was a Photoshop [...]

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Songsmith – Music Publishing

Songsmith Steve Bonham's second album saw a more confident performer express his creativity along with his long time collaborator "the bishop". We worked alongside Steve's illustrator, Denny, who provided some very delicate watercolour images which were then composed into a pleasing and gentle album cover, sleeve notes, poster and flyer.

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McEntegart Legal – Branding

McEntegart Legal One of the countries foremost experts on commercial law especially in relation to music, art and design. We developed a solid brand that communicates their professionalism and unique approach to the world of business and the creative industries.

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Connell Mediation Launch

Connell Mediation are a new company, based in London, Liverpool and Birmingham, who focus on dispute resolution. They required a unique brand identity which instantly set them apart from their competition. We came up with the concept of an 'equals' icon coupled with a strong font combination. The idea behind the icon is based on [...]

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Salus Approved Inspectors – Press

Following on from our long business association with Salus Approved Inspectors, they asked us to design a series of press ads for a recent trade show in the Midlands. They wanted to focus on the new developments that they are working on and give their customers an update on their suite of services.

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T34 Design

Established in 2002 by Mal MacKenzie, T34 design help brands communicate their message to as wide an audience as they need. We develop Brand ID's - logos, websites, flyers, stationery, annual reports. As a guide anything that your clients look at that needs to communicate your message can be developed with us.